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Responsive Web Design Solution

We are living in an era that will be defined by how it revolutionized the concept of Information Technology. The internet is now accessible to a majority of people across the globe. However, not everyone is using the same device or platform to access the web.

If you own a website or an app, it’s important to understand that your potential audience or online customers could be using any device. Responsive web development aims to respond to the experience and environment of your users. In other words, your online platforms should be designed in such a way that they should automatically adjust themselves based on the device’s specifications, including screen size, platform, orientation, etc.

At Zekrom Media, our team of professional designers is fully equipped with the technical know-how and experience to create seamless responsive designs across all devices and platforms. To let you in on our secret of how we manage fully responsive web design, our process follows a structured approach in working out all the elements of your website or app so that it can fit perfectly into any screen size, any operating system, and any device that’s available in the market.

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Our Responsive Design Process

To make your website or app fully responsive on all devices, we focus on a variety of factors that are mentioned below

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Image Optimization

Mobile Responsiveness

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Prototype Testing



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